Hi! I’m Whitney. A professional problem-solving Licensed Massage Therapist, speaker, and host.

Licensed Massage Therapist

I am a Travel Licensed Massage therapist, and problem-solving is one of my favorite things to do. Becoming a Licensed Massage Therapist all started when I realized I had a talent for energy healing. I am Level 2 Reiki Certified. Receiving this certification lead me to massage therapy; which is a profession that requires skill, dedication, and a genuine passion for healing others. I find joy in providing relaxation, healing, and stress relief to my clients through the power of touch, and encouragement.

travel massage therapist
Travel Massage Therapist


Serving local clients in the South Florida Tri-County areas. Broward, Miami-Dade, and West Palm Beach. Out-of-area/state travel is available upon request.

  • Stroke patients / Muscle recovery
  • Entrepreneurs/ Office desk workers
  • Athletes
  • Service Industry Workers
  • Corporate Events
  • Wellness Retreat Attendees


Grateful to have acquired experienced-based information from industry leaders so early in my massage journey, in addition to nine months of autonomy and physiology school training

  • Touch of Class Day Spa (Coral Springs) – received Certificate of Excellence 2022. Rated Top 3 Spas in Coral Springs. Trained By Owner with 30 years of Massage Experience
  • SeaSpa at Lowe’s Miami Beach– A Premier Miami Beach Spa Hotel
  • Winning Hands– Casino Poker Chair Massage. Trained with Kelley Stead from Winning Hands, she is featured in MTM Magazine (Massage Therapy Media), and CE Institute courses
  • Over 300 massages in the first year

Passion Projects

Clients who tell me about their stresses and aches are my favorite. I have a passion for problem-solving and soothing whether it be physical or mental.

  • Stroke Recovery / Cognitive behavior stimulation
  • Insomniacs


The journey to becoming a licensed Massage Therapist involves rigorous training and education in anatomy, physiology, and various massage techniques.

  • Graduated June 2022- 3.9 GPA
  • Passed FL State Licensing Exam
  • Wood Therapy Certification
  • Advanced Full Body Stretching Certification


Speaker & Event Host

Guest Speaking

Event Host

  • GUEST SPEAKER: Fortis College Of Nursing 2021 & 2022 -Topic: Coping Mechanisms
  • GUEST SPEAKER: Get Coached UP – September 29, 2018- Topic Confidence building through healing
  • EVENT HOST: Vision Board Planting Seeds 2020
  • EVENT HOST: Sexual Rejuvenation ft Pure Romance (Reoccurring event 3 months/ 1 event per month ) events including stretching finding sensuality within self, and having deep conversations about feeling confident in own skin.
  • EVENT HOST: Wine & Mediation 2021
  • SELF-PUBLISHED AUTHOR: Making Peace With My Past – Published April. 3, 2021
  • EVENT HOST: Soul Connecting – Event for couples to stretch and participate in couples yoga and intimacy exercises

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